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2400 East Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ, 86004
United States


Gluten Free

Flagstaff Gluten Free / Aware Restaurant 


After one of our owners became aware of a serious gluten intolerance in her family and started to try restaurants around Flagstaff, she realized there weren't many options available. As a result almost all our sandwiches can be made "Gluten Aware" on gluten free bread and most of our salads and soups are gluten free too. Our kitchen DOES prepare a lot of wheat based product so we cannot be called a gluten free kitchen as cross contamination can occur.  If you have a serious allergy please know that we are Gluten Aware rather than Gluten free.


We've nailed gluten free baking. Our cinnamon roll cakes are so good that people frequently come forward to double check that we didn't make a mistake. Our baker usually has a gluten free muffin and/or cake in the display too. Once again, while we use different utensils and baking dishes to prepare the gluten free options, it is still made in a kitchen which also bakes with wheat. Please take this into consideration!